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Release 3.49 2021-11-28

We are pleased to announce the release of the Platform 28 Nov 2021 which is bug fix release.


This release contains the following improvements

for Client Valuation Report:

  • asynchronous generation reports and notification about reporting.

  • notification about errors in the report generation to #it_Report_Monitoring channel.

  • rounding to 2 decimal places in the Portfolio Value field in the Asset Performance section.

  • Added a footnote on the time format "Time shown in the report is displayed in UTC format" under Important Notes.

for Strategy Management:

  • Added to the strategy performance calculation based on accrued details for fixed incomes

  • If strategy order can't be created due to min lot Portfolio Manager should have the ability to change it

Bug Fixes

This release contains the following fixes

for the General Functionality:

  • Fixed displaying points of transactions on position.

  • Fixed calculation estimated value with fx on new issue orders.

  • Fixed displaying of the Activate button after selecting several transactions.

  • Optimization of transactions load mechanism from bank services.

for Strategy Management:

  • Buy orders should be triggered when all sell orders are cancelled, filled (partially filled), expired

  • If I deleted the holding sell order should be created

  • When I set client order qty to 0 system should not check min peace of the instrument

The release includes a known bugs:

  • recommendation creation process

  • the "I'm here" button does not work

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