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Release 3.50 2021-12-15

We are pleased to announce the release of the Platform 15 Dec 2021.

New features

for Order Management:

  • Added the Documents tab to the Order form, with ability to upload and download attachment

  • Added the Revert button on the Order form. If “revert” order is done then related transactions will be deactivated and order will be returned to READY stage.


for the Portfolio Management:

  • Added the Consolidate strategy position button on Position table for displaying position without binding to strategies

for Strategy Management:

  • Added automatic load of the price for the instrument when adding the holding

  • If strategy order can't be created due to min lot Portfolio Manager should have the ability to change it

Big fixes

for Strategy Management:

  • Fixed displaying opened strategy position window

for Reporting:

  • Fixed RTS28 report

for Portfolio Management:

  • Fixed displaying buy/sell points on the position price / performance chart

  • Fixed displaying the data by the instrument on the Position window

  • Fixed displaying Future observation dates on the SP chart

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