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Release 3.52 2022-01-21

We are pleased to announce the release of the Platform 21 Jan 2022.

New features

for Invest Department Management:

  • Added the ability to select the currency of the order execution price, if the currency of the instrument differs from the execution currency. (for BUY / SELL / INTERNAL TRADE orders)


for the Back Office Management:

  • Added Account details in Order table, such as Account Status, Account Address Country.

for Strategy Management:

  • Changed the logic of coupon generation taking into account the strategy -child transactions are generated separately for asset in the strategy and outside it.

  • Added ability to import holdings through the csv file to Strategy.

for Invest Department Management:

  • Changed the mandatory field of the Coupon Barrier depending on the type of SP Note.

  • Added displaying the file name on Document tab when uploading a document to the order.

Big fixes

for Strategy Management:

  • Fixed displaying opened strategy position and transaction window

  • Fixed displaying performance on strategy.

  • Fixed Multicurrency strategy logic with GBP and GBp.

for Back Office Management:

  • Fixed displaying of the Amount value for Fees report.

for Reporting:

  • Fixed PnL Report

Fixed password reset.

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