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Release 3.53 2022-02-01

We are pleased to announce the release of the Platform 01 Feb 2022.

New features

for Invest Department Management:

  • Redesign dashboard widgets:

    • Added a choice of custom period for the performance chart. You can select a standard period or select by specific dates;

    • Added detail by Region. In the Regions widget, when you select a Region name, a detailed info weight of assets by country in this region will open.

For Administrator:

  • Added Notification template where administrator could:

    • see the list of notifications;

    • see details of the notifications;

    • change recipients;

    • create the new notification.


for Strategy Management:

  • Added display of transactions on executed orders in the strategy position window.

  • Reduced request time when rebalancing a strategy.

  • Added an Error Description field to the table with strategy orders.

for Invest Department Management:

  • Added email notification about the investment trades.

  • Added a new Instrument type - Derivative. 

Big fixes

for Strategy Management:

  • Fixed closing orders as a result of Strategy rebalancing.

for Back Office Management:

  • Fixed PNL calculation by portfolio position.

for Invest Department Management:

  • Fixed creation of FX, Blocked order from a portfolio position.

for Reporting:

  • Fixed Client Count Report (excluded prop portfolios).

  • Fixed Monthly Reconciliation Report (excluding grouping by strategy positions).

for Sales Management:

  • Fixed client birthday email notification.

  • Fixed access check by ip on the application.

  • Fixed order creation email notification.

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