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Release 3.64 2022-08-25

We are pleased to announce the release of the Platform 25 August 2022.

New features

for Order Management:

for Strategy Management:

  • Added ability to add any instrument to compare performance with the Strategy Performance

for All users:

  • New options are added in LWP to prepare data for check ups, analysis and reports.The most frequently used time periods are now available when user sets filters on fields with type Date or Date & Time.

Updated calendar appearance:

Use case: Open Transactions → Go to Filter Manager. Choose filed “Trade time” and operator “Between”. Click on period “Last 7 Days” and if necessary set the time.

As a result the system will display all transactions that have trade time within “Last 7 Days”.

If operators Equals, Does Not Equals, Less Than, Greater Than are used, the system will display Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday to make settings faster and easier.

New time periods are available on most site pages in fields with type Date or Date & Time. As we focused on continuous improvement of LWP, please give us feedback on this feature and share your ideas!

Technical Work

  • Reviewed Structure Product logic

  • Fixed Reconciliation Report issues

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