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Release 3.68 2022-11-08

We are pleased to announce the release of the Platform  08 November 2022.

New features

for All Users:

  1. Added options for advanced calculation of Portfolio’s positions:

    1. on a given date;

    2. for the period (range);

    3. in different currencies:

    4. turn on/off products;

    5. turn on/off of closed positions.

  2. Added Aum and Return to main Portfolio’s information

  3. Added groping of bank accounts

  4. Added a new field to display position weight in Portfolio

for Reporting:

  1. Improved reports generation window

How it works?

Advanced Calculations

To check options 1 and 2, click on the calendar settings.

To check options 3-5 use button "Options".

Aum and Return on the Portfolio pages

Aum and Return information are available while any tab of Portfolio is opened

Groping of bank accounts

Users can create group(s) of Bank Accounts of a Portfolio. When the group is active, Portfolio’s Profile and Positions are displayed in relation to Bank Accounts from the group.

Click button “Bank Accounts” and choose available Bank Accounts to create a group.

Activate a group by clicking on it.

Added a new field to display position weight in Portfolio

Every position in Portfolio is estimated as a percentage of the total.

Report generation

All settings for Client and Company Reports are available by click on button "Generate Report".

Technical Work

  • Fixed Compliance statuses on Accounts

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