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Release 3.69 2022-12-05

We are pleased to announce the release of the Platform on 5 December 2022.

New features

for All Users:

  • Updated Portfolio screen. Now all key information about the portfolio can be viewed/edited in one tab


for Back Office Managers:

  • Added a Reprocess button to All transactions, so that Back Office is able to update transaction with raw bank data

  • Added a Revert Fee button to Fees. If a fee fits status and other conditions, a Revert fee function will deactivate fee order and fee transactions.

Redesigned order forms

Was made redesign of the following orders:

Order Type




Fee Order




Investment Order




Withdrawal Order




Buy/Sell Order




Cash Transfer In/Out




Security Transfer In/Out





Technical information

  • Fixed bugs connected with creation/matching of order from Client Portfolios

  • Fixed mass orders: if mass order includes orders on virtual bank accounts, LWP will automatically create order on omnibus bank account(s)

  • Integration of omnibus orders logic with Strategies

  • Add calculations of positions on basis of chosen bank accounts of portfolio (useful for Investment department and Dealers)

  • Added logic of fee management: if a fee is created on virtual bank account, LWP will automatically create a fee on related omnibus bank account

  • Updated methods to receive bank statistics on today and full time on connectors

  • Added additional logging of receiving data and errors


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