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Release 3.71 2022-01-17

We are pleased to announce the release of the Platform on 17 January 2022.

New features

for All Users:

  • Implemented Portfolio’s Drop AUM alerts

  • Redesigned the following orders:

Order Type



Virtual BA related to Omnibus

Internal Payment


 Not applicable

Loan (Open/Increase/Decrease-Close)


 Not applicable


Deposit (Open/Increase/Decrease-Close)


 Not applicable


for Back Office and Investment Department:

  • Income (dividends and coupons) are calculated on the basis of their payment currency

  • Mass send of fees

for Sale Managers:

  • Improved Leads

For Saas Users

  • Implemented IBKR FIX API with ability to trade from virtual bank accounts

For Admin and Support Team

  • Fixed update of profile for role “Global”

Technical information

  • Added IBKR raw positions parsing

  • Fixed Execution form of Open Loan

  • Fixed selector of values in Fees

  • Fixed auto-matching of transactions on virtual BA when FX omnibus order is executed

  • Fixed auto-execution of order on virtual bank BA when omnibus order is partially executed

  • Improved forms of main objects in the system



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