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Release 3.72 2023-01-26

We are pleased to announce the release of the Platform on 26 January 2023.

New features

for All Users:

  • Order attachments are available in PNG and GIF

  • Redesigned Lead & Opportunity

  • Redesigned Notification list page

Every user can set up needed mail and push notifications via Settings-> Notifications

All available notifications are grouped by Objects (Mandate/ Portfolio/ Transaction etc) with separate setting of mail and push notification. All notifications are turned on/off by switcher.

If notification has sign đź“ť , user can set up value/parameter which will influence the notification.

  • Redesigned Orders



Virtual BA related to Omnibus

Income Order





for Back Office Managers:

  • Added MWR PNL for all time in Portfolios table

  • Сustody integrations

for Admin and Support Team:

  • Added Market Securities to Connectors for monitoring

  • Fixed selectors and added settings for Notifications

Notifications are set up by Admin of the system

Technical information

  • Fixed update of Performance on Portfolio after transaction was changes for the previous period

  • Fixed display of information in the footer of order’s forms

  • Fixed names of xls -files that are exported from LWP

  • Fixed message about Portfolio Performance if there is no information. Now User can see that no data is provided for his/her request.

  • Made separate calculation queue for Portfolio’s product positions from usual Portfolio’s positions


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