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Release 4.1 2024-05-16

We are excited to announce the latest update, designed to enhance the capabilities and user experience for our Clients. This release note provides a comprehensive overview of the new features, improvements, and bug fixes included in this update, as well as important information regarding known issues.

New features

for All users:

  • Updates Performance diagram on General Dashboard, inside Portfolio and on Strategy.

Screen Shot 2024-05-17 at 8.41.49 AM.png
  • Added Correlation and Sectors widgets to Portfolio dashboard

Screen Shot 2024-05-17 at 9.57.55 AM.png

Screen Shot 2024-05-17 at 9.58.03 AM.png
  • Added new functionality to FX order

All bank accounts are classified in the platform as “Multi-currency” or “Single currency”.

User shall choose on FX order form from which bank account to sell currency and where to buy it if bank account is single currency.

Screen Shot 2024-05-17 at 9.14.09 AM.png
  • Added new forms for transactions Buy/ Sell/ Transfer (In/Out), Investment, Withdrawal, Income, Bond redemption (partial). During transition period old and new forms of transactions are available for users.

New form is available by click on button “Confirm”

Screen Shot 2024-05-17 at 8.44.21 AM.png

Screen Shot 2024-05-17 at 9.10.43 AM.png

for Investment Department and Portfolio Managers

  • Added automatic check for purchase of multi-currency Products only within multi-currency Bank accounts

  • Added additional tab “Country Allocations” on ETF instruments

Screen Shot 2024-05-17 at 9.23.17 AM.png

for Back Office and Client Administrator:

  • Added additional tab on TTCA bank account to store information about related Virtual TTCA bank accounts and unallocated TTCA bank account.

Screen Shot 2024-05-17 at 9.17.49 AM.png

Added setting “Get reports by email” on tab with authorized persons in Portfolio and on Mandate

If setting is “Get reports by email”=Yes the authorized person will receive Client Valuation reports by email.

Screen Shot 2024-05-17 at 9.32.17 AM.png

Technical information

  • Updated integration with Custodians to display raw bank data

  • Fixed Push notifications messages when user closes many notifications

  • Added function of “Refresh data” for private instruments

  • Removed validation for the attachments during creation of private asset

Please note that some features may require additional setup steps. For more information, please refer to the updated user guide(s).

We hope you enjoy the new features and changes in this release. As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues or have any feedback.


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