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Key Terminologies

Our advanced system incorporates a robust reporting module that provides valuable insights into various aspects of your business operations. The reporting module encompasses a range of reports, catering to both regulatory requirements and the specific needs of your clients and company. These reports serve as a comprehensive resource for monitoring and evaluating the performance, compliance, and overall efficiency of the system.

Regulatory Reports

Client and Company Reports

Our system's reporting module includes a set of regulatory reports tailored to meet the specific requirements mandated by regulatory authorities. These reports are designed to ensure compliance with industry regulations and guidelines. Each regulatory report is meticulously crafted to address the unique demands of different regulatory bodies, allowing company to effortlessly fulfill its reporting obligations.

In addition to regulatory reports, Reluna's reporting module offers a diverse selection of reports that are customized to cater to the needs of your valued clients and own company.

Report types

Report Name



Report by the Client Portfolio

Valuation report


PnL Report by FIFO, LIFO, AVG methods in specific currency


A report on client income for a specific period, separately reflecting income from asset sales or redemptions, as well as dividend/coupon payments.

Calculation methods (FIFO, LIFO, AVG) and report currency could be specified.

Coupon Projection


A report containing a list of future payments for bonds related to the selected client bank account over a specified period.

Reports by the total Portfolios

Monthly Reconciliations Report


Client Positions info by the specific date

CRS Report


CySEC regulatory report

Statement of Eligible Funds


CySEC regulatory report

RTS28 Report


CySEC regulatory report

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