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Account Company Number setting up

The following will explain what Account Company Number is and how it is set.

What is Account Company number

It is a number of Account in each related Company, to which this Account is linked via Companies dropdown list at Main Information tab:

How To link Account to Company:

  • open Account page

  • press Edit button

  • select Companies control

  • input Company name and select it from filtered dropdown list

  • press Save button

Where to find Account Company Number

After Account-Company relation is saved, Account Company Number for each particular Account could be found in Account Companies table at Compliance tab of an Account page:

Account Company Number value is set automaticallly by the system on incremental basis

It is also available to find it in the Accounts table in Company Numbers column (with Search option available for Number):

How to set the same Account number for several Companies

  1. Create Company Holding (or use existing one)

  2. Add two or more Companies to Company Holding and select Company Holding Number checkbox

  3. Select an Account and add it to these Companies (see ‘How To’ section above)

  4. Account Number will be equal for all linked Companies added to the same Company Holding

Automatic Account Company numbering appears once Account-Company link is set. Further Company Holding changes does not affect any of existing Account Company Numbers.

To change existing Account Company Number after e.g. Company Holding is changed, you should setup Account-Company relation again (Unlink->Save->Link->Save).

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