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Company Holding creation process

The following will explain how to create Company Holding to set the same Account number for several Companies.

How to create Company Holding

Company Holding is a union of Companies. To create Company Holding you have to authorize in the System and open Accounts section from the system menu. There you should find Company Holdings tab.

Displaying Company Holdings tab depends on your permissions. If you do not see Company Holdings tab, please contact your administrator for support.

To create Company Holding you should come up with its unique Name and Code, enter them and press Save button.

How to add Company to Company Holding

Open Companies tab and find required Company. Click on its name to open Company page. Press Edit button. There are Company Holding dropdown list and Company Holding Number checkbox:

Select previously created Company Holding from the list to include Company into it and press Save button. Repeat for another company(-ies).

Only Active Company Holdings are displayed in the dropdown list

How to deactivate Company Holding

If no companies are added to Company Holding, it can be Deactivated. Click on '…' button and select Deactivate.

If there are any Company(-ies) added to Company Holding, error message will appear:

Clicking on Show More button will display error text with the list of Companies currently added to this Company Holding.

How to use Company Holding Number

Select Company Holding Number checkbox to use Company Holding Number instead of Company Number for all Accounts related to this Company.

When two or more Companies are added to Company Holding, both with Company Holding Number checkbox selected, the Account Company number for these Companies will be the same.

Please find this link for more details regarding Account Company Number

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