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Custom Processes


Custom Process is an integral part of Automation. It enables you to add specialized actions specific to your organization processes. Use processes to change data, send notifications and make several actions written by script.

Process structure

  1. Object Name and Process Name

  2. List of available triggers

  3. List of criteria to meet the required conditions to trigger a process

  4. Instrument to add placeholder or link into notification body

  5. Push subject and body template

How to setup Process?

To create Process it is necessary to have permissions to view, create and modify Processes.

Click here to view more about profile configuration.

  1. Go to settings with gear icon → Processes,

  2. Click + icon located on the right side,

  3. Select Object Name and name the process

  4. Choose trigger - when process starts

  5. Add Criteria to filter Object Records suitable for process

  6. Select Actions to run

  7. Click Save

If you entered more than one criteria action will be triggered if ALL criteria are matched. Criteria are combined via the "AND" parameter.

Process have to be activated to work.

Unsure that email templates using in the process are also active.

Trigger Types

To execute the process it is necessary to select an Action or time when process have to be started. There are different actions which needs to be configured in order for the process to be triggered. See the list of triggers below.



Process will be executed before a new record is created

Process will be executed when a new record is created



Process will be executed before an existing record edition is applied

Process will be executed when an existing record is edited

For Update triggers it is possible to identify field(s) which must be updated to trigger the process

Create or Update

Based On the Date

Process will be executed when the record is created or updated

Select the date or period of time to trigger the action using cron

Action Types

The process includes number of action which must be executed when process met all criteria. Actions execute one by one in order they where added to the process. There are four different actions - Send Notification, run script, update field or send exception. Some of the actions must be configured individually. i.e. for Notifications you need to configure Notification Template first, for Script you should request Luna Wealth Platform team to configure script.

Send Notification

See how to configure Notifications here.

Update Field

Select the field which must be updated and its value.

Please note that it is possible to change only fields of the selected Object. It is not possible to update related object fields.

Send Exception

Exception uses on pre-create and pre-update triggers to stop the creation or edition then record meets criteria. For exception text message is required.

Run script

When several actions must be applied including object creation or creation or edition of the related objects it’s necessary to create the script.

To create the script please contact Luna Wealth Develop Team.

Why the process is not working?

If you created Process and it is not working please unsure that:

  • the process is active

  • you selected the correct trigger

  • record(s) is matched with ALL criteria according to the pattern

  • If related action is notification - notification template is active

If all checks are done and process is not working, please contact Support.

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