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How to load missing Instrument into Transactions?

When System receives Transaction Information it is possible that Security is missing in the Luna Wealth Database. In that case Transaction would be created with empty Instrument and Manager have to load instrument and update the data. Read below hot to it easily.

How it looks when transaction with missing instrument is received?

Missing Instrument Transactions appear in the Error list of transactions. They have Missing Instrument error and the field with the Instrument is highlighted with red color. Missing Instrument identifier is also written in the error.


How should I fix the error?

There are different ways how to fix the error, it depends on the Missing Instrument type.

Missing Instrument is identified and it exists in Bloomberg

To add Instrument into transaction:

  1. Click on the Missing Instrument Error

  2. Load Instrument using Instrument Search window

  3. Once Instrument is loaded it will be automatically added to the selected transaction

  4. Send transaction to reprocessing using “refresh” button. It is necessary to update transaction details and send transaction for automatic matching.

If you have several transactions with the same missing Instrument they will be automatically reprocesses when you trigger “refresh” button. System will search for transactions with the same error and missing identifier, when such transaction is found its Instrument will be updated to the newly loaded info.

Missing Instrument is Cash or FX

To load Cash or Forex it is necessary to use “Curncy” text after symbol and load them by ticker.

As example:


EUR → EUR Curncy

Missing Instrument is a Loan or Deposit


Missing Instrument is not identified (is empty)


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