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How to reopen the Order?

When the revert functional is needed?

The revert functionality reopens the order and deactivates existing transactions associated with it.

It will be useful in cases such as if you made the mistake while execution the order, the transaction should be reported to MIFIR or EMIR.

What order can be reverted?

Not all orders can be reverted.

Only the OTC order can be reverted where Trade Time is today.

Other orders can not be reverted because:

  • it’s not possible to revert DMA trade as it was actually done;

  • the trades which was already reported (older than today) should be reported separately with confirmation

How to revert the Order?

To revert the Order should pushes the “revert“ button on the Order form or on the “Action” button (three dotes) from the Order table.

Order form

Action button

In the notification window, confirm the changes with the “Confirm” button. After that, the transactions are deactivated and the order will return to the Ready stage.

Confirmation window

if you press “Cancel” button then the “revert” function will not be applied.

How does it work?

When you “revert” the order then related transactions will be deactivated and the order will be returned to “READY” stage.

The reverted transactions will be automatically deleted from the Mifir Report if it was not already sent.

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