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Notification Templates


Notification template is used to configure email notifications. It contains the list of recipients and message which must be sent to each person.

Notification structure

  1. Object Name and Notification Name

  2. List of the recipients

  3. Mail subject and body template

  4. Instrument to add placeholder or link into notification body

  5. Push subject and body template

How to create Notification Template?

To create Notification Template it is necessary to have permissions to view, create and modify Notifications.

Click here to view more about profile configuration

To create Notification:

  1. Go to settings with gear icon → Notifications,

  2. Click + icon located on the right side,

  3. Enter Object Name, Name the Notification Template

  4. Add recipients of the Notification

  5. Fill in Notification subject and body using placeholders and links

  6. Click Save

Notification Template have to be activate and added to Process.

Inactive notifications can’t be sent.

Notifications not added to the Process also can’t be sent.

How insert placeholders?

If you need to add object data into Notification body e.g. display Account Name use should insert Placeholder.

To add placeholder:

  1. Select field

  2. Place your cursor into body where Placeholder must be added

  3. Click insert - placeholder will be added in the suitable format

How insert links?

If you need the link in the notification you can add it with help of “Create Link“ button.

To create link:

  1. Enter URL without host. If you need in URL specific information like object id use placeholders. See example below

  2. Enter link Display Text. You can tap the text or also use placeholders


I want to create Notification that Account LEI expires.

In the Notification I want to see Account Name which should be the link to Account.

Link to Account is

URL: /detail/account?id=[[${id}]]


/detail/account?id= is a part of the link

[[${id}]] - placeholder to specific Account id related to Notification

Display Text is based on placeholder using Account Name field - [[${name}]]

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