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Order Execution


Order execution is the process of accepting and completing an order. System has two ways of execution:

  • Manual - manager have to enter details and submit order from the System

  • Automated - System submits order automatically

Manual execution is actual for all orders except:

  • Buy and Sell orders on DMA (automatic execution based on execution reports)

  • Blocking orders (they executes automatically after order creation)

  • Fee order created from the Fee calculation process (executes automatically when success or management fee amount is approved and sent to the Client)

Order Execution Form

Execution form depends on order type however general logic is the same for all orders.

On the image below see the form blocks and description


Order stages and main information


Panel to Cancel or Duplicate current order


Counterparty details & trade details


Trade details


Mifir reportable information


Table with executed transactions

Execution process

Order execution is available for its assignee and initiator. To execute Order pick up Order first (action 1) and take it to work (action 2) - execution form will be opened.

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