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Release 3.78 2023-06-21

We are pleased to announce the release of the Platform on 21 June 2023.

New features

for All Users:

  • Added ability to open Portfolio in the new tab by click on its name

for Traders:

  • Redesigned order execution form,

  • Order statuses are updated in a real-time,

  • Added logic for the order submitter changes. When the order submitter changes, the current user sees a pop-up informing that the order was assigned for another user and making changes is prohibited,

  • Updated logic for omnibus and virtual orders cancelation in different statuses,

  • Now when we are placing the order with custodian with the same Reluna Service “EOMS” execution type will be places automatically

The gain of real-time updates of order status

If a user has an open order form and the status (changes from Pending Approval → to any other status), quantity, order type, limit price or a due date of order changes, the system alerts about it and the user can open an updated form.

Execution form

  1. Choose order assignee and cancel / revert order depending on its status

  2. Modify order information

  3. Fill in execution details

  4. Add reporting informations if required

  5. Find key action button

for Portfolio Managers:

Updated Market Place:

  • Added Recommendations

  • Updated Strategy Subscription Order form

  • Added document storage in the Product View

  • Added disclaimer

  • Updated the method of Projection calculation

Projection Calculator

Now it is possible to view your income projection taking into account the years of investments, initial amount and monthly amount

Attachments in the Market Place

Download Documents related to the Product


Configure Disclaimer on the Product Page

Updated Strategy Management flow:

  • Added the tab with all request related to the Strategy

  • Added ability to start rebalancing by the single Bank Account

Subscription Requests

  1. View the list of requests related to the Product to proceed with them

Subscription Order execution form

2. Execute order to transfer cash under the strategy

Rebalancing by the single account

3. Start rebalancing by the single bank account to place orders according to the holdings

for Risk & Compliance Managers:

  • Improved the Statement of Eligible Funds report. Read more [Regulatory Report] Statement of Eligible Funds

  • Improved an exported excel form of the Risk Report

  • Extended restriction mechanism to cover complicated restriction criteria for Buy/Sell/Transfer/Holding of assets

for SaaS:

  • Improved External Order Management System (EOMS) service:

    • Modifying orders logic

    • Cancelation orders logic

for Admin and Support Team:

  • Extended Reluna service integration with automatic exchange of positions data between Space A and Space B for reconciliation purposes.

  • Improved visualisation of the Connectors statistics when data is requested for a period.

  • Added process triggers ”Pre-create” and “Pre-update” to set up automatic processes in the system

Technical information

  • Fixed positions' view pop-up behaviour when there is no strategy on position

  • Fixed update of the order form when the order change request was proceeded

  • Fixed the order execution window after changing the responsible of an order

  • Fixed transaction form for instruments with long name

  • Fixed opening Strategy/SP from Positions tab on Portfolio

Please note that some features may require additional setup steps. For more information, please refer to the updated user guide(s).

We hope you enjoy the new features and changes in this release. As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues or have any feedback.


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