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Risk Monitor functions in the system


Luna Wealth Platform has a Risk Monitor report that helps to calculate and estimate risk factors for an investment firm.

Where is Risk Monitor in the system?

Risk Monitor is available to authorized users in RisksRisk Monitor

Please contact Support, if you do not see Risk Monitor or cannot request Risk Monitor Report according to instruction below.

Risk Monitor is available to users with permissions to view Risk Monitor and permission create to request Risk Monitor Report.

Click here to view more about profile configuration

When the Risk Monitor report is opened for the first time, the system will show message “Data is empty”. The report information will appear after user fills in Main Panel Settings at least once.

How to use Risk Monitor?

  1. Start with making settings in “Main Panel Setting”.

1- Fill in “Main Panel Settings” which contain all necessary information for request of Risk Monitor report: Company, requested Date, Currency and applicable FX Source, Type of Capital, Profit and different types of Liabilities.

2-”Additional information” allows to indicated optional parameters such as Cash at Bank and Manually Input Instruments

3- Press button “Run” to request a report

2. Risk Monitor Report will appear as a set of tables.

Main information table includes all calculated risk factors and other subsidiary tables provide information which was used for calculations.

3. Use “Export” option to download a report in Excel format.

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