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GUIDE: How to set up Global allocation


To ensure portfolio profitability, a plan is developed for asset allocation within the portfolio, determining the percentage allocation for each asset group. This strategy is formalised in Global Allocation.

Key Terminology

Global Allocation


The strategy for conducting business for a specific company in the current market conditions.

Criterion with its name, configured for selecting instruments in the global allocation settings.

For example, Tag "Equities Energy UK" can be constructed from the following instrument fields: Instrument asset type = Equities + Instrument Country of Risk = UK + Instrument Sector = Energy.

Sub Tag

Subtag Extension

An additional criterion designed to specify the parameters for selecting instruments in the global allocation settings. The "Sub Tag" cannot be used independently and depends on the main tag. Filling in the Sub Tag is optional.

An additional criterion that provides even more detailed clarification of the Sub Tag for selecting instruments in the global allocation settings. Subtag Extension cannot exist independently from the main Sub Tag. Filling in the Subtag Extension is optional.

Target allocation

Сurrent allocation

Planned allocation percentage of assets within the portfolio

Real allocation percentage of assets within the portfolio

Where is Global allocation module the system?

Global allocation is available to authorized users in ProductsGlobal allocations

Please contact Support, if you do not see Global allocations or cannot set up Global allocation according to the instruction below.

Global allocation is available to users with permissions to view Global allocation and permission create Global allocation.

Click here to view more about profile configuration

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 7.41.01 AM.png

How to set up Global Allocation?

All existing Global allocations are available on page “Global allocation”.

  1. Use “+” to create a new Global allocation

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 7.52.25 AM.png
  1. Fill in Global allocation settings

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 7.59.44 AM.png
  • Global allocation name (Required field)

  • Status (Automatically filled in as “Draft”)

  • Description (Optional)

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 7.57.22 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.02.01 AM.png


Use option “Add Tags” to set up a new tag for the Global allocation

Fill in Tag information:

  • Tag Name

  • Tag Target Allocation ( % ). Max value=100

  • Settings constructor

    • Instrument Fields

    • Criteria

    • Value

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.09.22 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.17.33 AM.png

Sub Tag

Use option “Add Sub Tag” to specify the parameters for selecting instruments on the basis of the Tag

If the system detects error in target allocation % settings, incorrect result will be highlighted

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.16.37 AM.png

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.24.51 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.23.57 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.26.56 AM.png

Add Portfolio(s) to Global allocation.

Search of available Portfolios can be made by Portfolio Name or by Account Name

Information about Portfolio’s Global Allocation is also stored in Portfolio settings

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.39.45 AM.png

How to check Target and Current Global allocation on Portfolio

Open Client Portfolio → tab “Advanced Analytics

The system will automatically calculate Current Allocation of assets in the Client Portfolio and compare it with the Target Allocation

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 8.28.47 AM.png

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