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How to create mass orders on the basis of bank transactions


As the Client can initiate trading orders outside Reluna platform, there is a mechanism that helps Back office to create automatically orders on the basis of received bank transactions.

Where to find order creation mechanism?

Order creation mechanism is available to authorized users in All Transactions or in Portfolio Transactions-> Button “Create orders”

Button “Create Orders” is available when at least 1 transaction is selected by “tick” and the User has permission “Transactions_modify”

Click here to view more about profile configuration

How to use the mechanism?

  1. Back office selects transactions according to the following criteria:

    1. Transaction type “BUY”, “SELL” or “FX”

    2. Transaction status= ”PENDING” and “NOT_MATCHED”

    3. Transaction is not linked with order (Order Number is empty on transaction)

The system will show error if some transactions do not match criteria.

In this case, check selected transactions and repeat the procedure.

  1. The system automatically creates drafts of orders

If Group of BUY/SELL Orders is active, the system will automatically recalculate Order Qty ( sum of all transactions Qty) and Price (average price from all transactions)

1 - Draft Order

2- Bank transaction (s) that relate to order

3- Option to group BUY/SELL orders if bank transactions have the same:

  • Instrument

  • Type

  • Trade Time ( the same day)

  • Bank Account

  • Portfolio Ccy

4- Option to delete draft order and transaction if Back office decides not to create order

5- Option to activate “Marginal” order

6- Create Orders/ Close buttons

  1. When Back Office pressed the button “Create orders”, the system opens results for all Successfully created orders and Failed orders

Successfully created orders

Failed orders

If error was temporary or it was fixed ( eg. set “Marginal” order ), Back office can repeat creation of failed order:

  1. Open workflow

  1. Open step Standard

  1. When order was successfully created, the system changes status of transaction to “confirmed” and order status is set as “Done”

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