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Portfolio Opening Process

To create Portfolio it is necessary to have permissions to view Bank Account, Mandate and Portfolio.

Click here to view more about profile configuration

Portfolio is the main object which keeps historical and actual information about holdings and provides analytics.

System provides the following types of portfolios:

Client Portfolio

Consolidated Portfolio

Simple portfolio which consists from the client bank account(s)

Client portfolio which consists from the several client portfolios. It’s possible to consolidate portfolios from the different accounts but from the same company

Virtual Portfolio

Company Portfolio

Client Portfolio based on virtual bank account created in the system from the Omnibus Account

Portfolios owned by company (PROP portfolios or OMNIBUS portfolios)

Private Access


Option to hide Client Portfolio from anyone except Portfolio Manager

Contract for the provision of services, where all conditions and rates are fixed.

Bank Account

Authorized Person

Account opened by the Bank / Custody where financial investments are actually held.

An Individual who has been granted the authority to view or Manager the Client's portfolio within agreed-upon parameters

Client Portfolio workflow

Reluna Platform has a special workflow to create Client Portfolio. Workflow consists of several steps that lead to creation of a Client Portfolio and related objects in the system.

Flows of Portfolio Creation

Open All Client Portfolios → Workflow

1. Workflow for Existing Account

Start Workflow to open a Client Portfolio for “Existing Account” if the following pre-conditions are filled:

  • Company is created

  • Account is created

  • Custodian is created

  • Portfolio Manager is created

Click on the name of workflow to begin the process.

A detailed description of creating a portfolio from an existing account can be found here.

2. Workflow for a Virtual Portfolio For Existing Account

A detailed description of the virtual portfolio for an existing account can be found here.

3. Workflow for a New Account

If user clicks on “For New Account” there is a a popup with description of steps.

To create Client Portfolio user shall create an Account first and proceed with flow “For existing Account”. Action button “Create Account” opens “All Accounts”. Button “Cancel” will close opened popup.

A detailed description of account creation can be found here.

4. Manual Action “Create Portfolio”

The system will open a form for creation of a Client Portfolio. The following pre-conditions shall be filled:

  • Company is created

  • Account is created

  • Custodian is created

  • Mandate is created

  • Bank Account is created

  • Portfolio is created

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