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Client Portfolio creation workflow


The Platform has a special workflow to create Client Portfolio. Workflow consists of several steps that lead to creation of a Client Portfolio and related objects in the system.

Key Terminologies

Private Access

High-water mark (HWM)

Option to hide Client Portfolio from anyone except Portfolio Manager

The highest peak in value that an investment fund or account has reached. Utilised in the calculation of Success or Performance Fees

Start workflow to open portfolio for existing account

Every step of workflow has standard attributes.




Main question of the step will help to understand the aim of step.

Under the question there is a progress bar that shows how many information to be filled in.

To return to previous steps use <. Option is available for all steps, except Step1.



The workflow consists of several steps. You can view the name of all steps by clicking on the "Workflow >" button. The current step is highlighted by the system.


List of field related to the step


Action buttons.

Next - go to next step.

Close - close workflow. The system will display addition warning about discard of changes. If you is agree to discard changes, click Yes, otherwise - click Cancel.

STEP 1: Who is a Client ? (Account, Company)

Portfolio Name - Insert Portfolio Name.

Portfolio Name will be used Reluna Platform and in all reports.

Company - Select Company from the list.

Account - Select Account from the list.

STEP 2: Which Bank Account(s) to Manage?

Client Portfolio can be based on 1 (one) or more bank accounts.

If Bank account exists in Reluna Platform, use option “Add Existing Bank Account”.

If Bank account doesn’t exist in Reluna Platform, use option “Create Bank Account”.

When it is necessary to create a new bank account, Reluna Platform will display all obligatory fields and not obligatory fields will be in Additional information tab.

When Bank Accounts are added, check the information and go to next step and choose 1 (one) main bank account.

STEP 3: Select Main Bank Account

Select the main bank account.

Main Bank Account will be used in system operations by default.

STEP 4: What are Management Conditions?

Select Portfolio Currency and then Create Mandate or add Existing Mandate.

For how to create a mandate, see here.

STEP 5: Who will manage portfolio?

Select Manager and select his/her role: Sales Manager or Portfolio Manager.

Fill in fee percent and if Manager is a decision Maker.

STEP 6: Add Authorized person(s)

If a Client exists in Reluna Platform, use option “Add Client”.

The platform shows the list of Clients who are indicated as contacts of the Account selected on step 1 of the workflow

If a Client is not registered in Reluna Platform, use option “Create Client”.

STEP 7: Add main Authorized person

Select Main Authorized Person from the list of persons indicated on STEP 6 of workflow.

FINAL STEP: Confirm creation of Client Portfolio

Click “Create” to create a new Client Portfolio.

The system will display positive result, if Client Portfolio is successfully created.

The system will display negative result with description of an error, if Client Portfolio wasn’t created.

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